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2016 college entrance examination: fingerprint and facial recognition escort for it

The 2016 college entrance examination is just around the corner, As a result of the implementation of the "cheating into punishment" policy in the college entrance examination, the Ministry of Education has explicitly stipulated this year that it is necessary to combine the actual situation in various regions, use second-generation ID cards for on-site registration confirmation, collect photos and biometric features such as fingerprints on site, and take timely information comparison measures to strictly prevent substitute exams. Therefore, various regions have upgraded their anti cheating systems, and many regions have also used biometric technologies such as fingerprint recognition and facial recognition to prevent the occurrence of substitute exams.


Biometric recognition+college entrance examination


The use of multimodal biometrics, such as facial recognition and fingerprint recognition, has become a popular trend in various regions for ensuring the identity of candidates in the college entrance examination.

This approach increases the accuracy of candidate identity authentication and reduces the probability of misjudgment and error, thus cutting off the industry chain of substitute exams. Moreover, the implementation of biometric technology has made the identity verification process more efficient and less stressful for candidates. By using identity verification terminals equipped with facial recognition and fingerprint recognition technology, candidates can complete the verification process within 30 seconds, saving their queuing time.

As a well-known supplier of Fingerprint Sensors in China, Uniquefinger Biometrics has played a crucial role in providing reliable and convenient identification fingerprint sensors for the college entrance examination. Its TCS1ST fingerprint sensors have been widely used in mobile authentication devices in the college entrance examination, further indicating the importance of biometric technology in ensuring the security and fairness of the examination process.

Overall, the adoption of biometric recognition technology, especially multimodal biometrics, has become a new favorite for ensuring the identity of candidates in the college entrance examination, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.



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