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What is FBI-PIV for fingerprint modules

The FBI-PIV (Federal Bureau of Investigation - Personal Identity Verification) is a set of standards established by the FBI for fingerprint scanners or Fingerprint modules used in identity verification and authentication systems. The PIV program was developed to enhance security and interoperability across federal agencies in the United States.


The FBI-PIV certification ensures that fingerprint scanners or fingerprint modules meet specific criteria and performance standards set by the FBI. These standards include image quality requirements, interoperability with other PIV-compliant systems, and compliance with relevant FBI guidelines and regulations.


Fingerprint scanners or fingerprint modules that have been FBI-PIV certified are considered reliable and suitable for use in various applications, such as law enforcement, border control, government agencies, and other organizations that require secure and accurate fingerprint identification.


It's worth noting that the FBI-PIV certification is specific to fingerprint scanners or fingerprint modules used within the United States federal government and its affiliated agencies. Other countries may have their own certification standards for fingerprint scanners used in their respective jurisdictions.

Uniquefinger Biometrics' optical fingerprint modules and Capacitive Fingerprint Modules are both with FBI-PIV.

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